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What is Tarutao™

The Tarutao™ treatment cure, originating in ancient Thailand, gives you 100 percent control to prevent premature ejaculation permanently!

The Only Original
since 1996

Stop Premature

Ejaculation Permanently!


There are lots of pills available.

And drops, sprays, cremes and gels, even "special penis rings". All over-the-counter drugs contain only homeopathic dosages of vitamin, caffeine or herb substances (FDA).

"Besides producing a certain placebo effect none of those drugs
will help - simply because they can't help.

    • Forget all the medications!
    • Forget expensive and embarrassing therapy sessions!
    • Forget spending money for something your body can do FOR FREE!

Tarutao™ is not a drug!

The easy to learn natural cure for treatment of premature ejaculation and erection weakness is no longer a secret of ancient Thailand: Read it ... practice what it preaches and ... get back in control ... permanently!


30 minutes, 45 minutes even 60 minutes ...

... of keeping a firm erection without ejaculation? The thoughts and fantasies may be endless; the joys and rewards are yours for the taking ...

Be confident that within one week you will see results!

Be happy that you can prevent premature ejaculation permanently!

Be pleased to know that you can do this the natural way.

      • It really works!
      • It's much better than drugs!
      • Everybody can learn it at 17 or even at 77!

It takes 10 minutes a day to train. Success is yours within the first week. Once you know it - you'll never forget it - it is a lifelong skill!

Why such a simple, no frills treatment?

A trademark lawyer recently stated:

"The pharmacy industry isn't interested in such research and simplicity. They demand and get billions of dollars annually from the production of synthetic and multi-colored pills ..."

Read Tarutao™ and learn the secrets of these ancient Thais and how to solve sexual inhibitions and achieve peak sexual potential permanently!

And you can do this in only a couple of days and without any expenses, without any pills:

Your body does it free!

Does it promise too much too easily?

Unproven remedies are often promoted as cure-alls, from preventing aging to curing impotence to even enlarging the penis size.

Tarutao™ can't enlarge your penis (except for operations, there aren't any legitimate cures for it anyway). We can't and won't promise anything beyond curing premature ejaculation.

"Many products like suppositories, penis gels, drops and pills are very promising. However, not only are they inconvenient to use, but they always seem to be required at the most inappropriate and passionate times of lovemaking. And what's worse they deliver false hopes."


"I thought I was stuck and doomed to a life of sexual inadequacy and loneliness. Why don't you take 500 bucks? I would have gladly spent this too! Left in the fat, greedy and sweaty hands of the big pharmaceutical conglomerates, there would have been no hope for the sorry and unhappy lot like myself.George P., age 48

Are testimonials our only proof it works?

Unproven remedies are typically endorsed by "satisfied customers."

The testimonial page is not an advertising trick or gimmick. These emails are real and unedited! All persons have agreed to have their feedback published on this page. Read more ...

Scientific Proof:

We have also run more than 1,800 clinical tests of which 87 percent were successful. Again, our competitors promise 100 percent success and immediate results ... but only very few medical treatments produce immediate benefits for chronic conditions. And even proven therapies cannot always guarantee better health

What will NOT work for premature ejaculation treatment:

      • Viagra® - believe it or not!
        While Viagra® will help you to get a firmer erection it can't avoid coming prematurely!
      • long-term psychoanalysis;
      • using creams or sprays that numb the penis;
      • getting drunk or using tranquilizers;
      • using one or more condoms (nothing against condoms, which ARE useful to prevent STDs, of course);
      • concentrating on something other than sex while having sex;
      • frequent masturbation;
      • testosterone injections.

Read Tarutao™ to learn how you can discover the infinite pleasures of sex that is free from the discomforts and embarrassment of erection problems and premature ejaculation. No longer do you have to feel alienated and deprived of the joys of heightened sexual experiences.

Compare The Treatment Methods Yourself:

Many methods have been developed over the years to treat the problem of premature ejaculation and erection weakness. Listed below are some of these legitimate and unconventional methods followed by an explanation of the Tarutao™ method:

The Squeeze Method:

The goal of this method is to teach the man to become aware of the sensations leading up to orgasm and then to control and delay his orgasm on his own. The squeeze method technique begins with the manual stimulation of the penis, progresses to motionless intercourse and then to intercourse with both partners moving. This technique, created by Masters and Johnson, requires that the partner stimulate the man's penis until he is close to ejaculation. When the man is about to ejaculate, the partner squeezes just below the head of the penis hard enough to make him partially lose his erection.

Masters and Johnson reported that 76 percent of couples who learned and used these techniques had success treating premature ejaculation.

The disadvantage of this method is simply the fact that you need your partner to cooperate, which in some cases may be a problem. Also a downside to this method is that you're always distracted "to catch the right moment".

Note: This is not the case with Tarutao™. There is no physical interruption and thus no emotional interruption required!

The Biofeedback Therapy:

Biofeedback treatment encourages the male to control his bodily functions so that he may become aware of the muscles that control ejaculation and then relax them.

This therapy has enjoyed mixed success since although many men have been able to achieve control and delay ejaculation after using the prescribed rectal plug and home teaching monitor, many male patients were reluctant to stimulate themselves with something in the rectum. That shouldn't come as any surprise!

The Drug Therapy:

One recent therapy that has been reported in urology science to be successful is drug therapy. It has been shown in studies that low doses of antidepressants such as Anafronil, Prozac, and Zoloft have prolonged ejaculation by 5 to 10 minutes, however, with side effects that are hazardous to liver and other bodily functions:

The FDA did NOT approve this medication for treatment of premature ejaculation and impotence! We really don't advise the use of such drugs!

Well, think from another point of view: Viagra® and any other drug becomes addictive in a very undesirables way: as long you DO have your drug with you, everything appears to be fine. However, imagine a "one night stand" or any situation where you DON'T have your drugs right at hand. You'll certainly lose - it's programmed in your mind that you can only have an erection with your special drug.

The Counseling Method:

Another underlying cause of premature ejaculation and impotence are marital and relationship issues. Such issues may be discussed with licensed sex therapists and/or marriage counselors during regularly scheduled and expensive therapy sessions.

However, this proves to be quite an expensive and often embarrassing way to find out what you will read below:

The Tarutao™ Method:

An ancient natural treatment cure found in Thailand - scientifically researched and proved - works in three simple steps:

      • teaches you about your body and mind (gives you the required information on how your mind is controlling the erection and ejaculation process);
      • trains you through simple, understandable lessons (each no longer than 10 minutes a day);
      • brings you THE success (the joy "I've done it, I can do it again" is extremely important. You will never forget Tarutao™ and you'll never need to read it again - it's a lifelong skill)

The Tarutao™ training method shows all men how to keep an erection and control the ejaculation process. Initial results will show up after a week! Often sooner. The booklet contains easy step-by-step instructions for each lesson. You'll soon feel refreshed and more confident with yourself. Unless you, like so many other people out there, want to fill Pfizer's bank accounts, then do go out and buy Viagra®.

Both premature ejaculation and erection weakness know no boundaries and share some very common characteristics. They ...

      • Affect men of every age, from 17 to 77;
      • Know no nationality;
      • Don't care what your job or occupation is;
      • Arouse great fear and anxiety in many men and women;
      • Can cause a loss of self-confidence, trauma, embarrassment and many single men will often give up dating due to a history of lost relationships.

It is NOT absence of sexual power!

More than likely you have more sexual power than you ever thought you did.

Erection weakness and premature ejaculation are coded messages from your body that you need to decipher and understand.

Impotence is not a disgrace to bear but your body's sign to start changing things.

If a man is able to read those signs and to understand how to interpret them - the penis wouldn't have to play the role of the speechless wizard. And Tarutao helps you to read those signs:

There is in principal no impotent man! There are, however, men who don't understand their body's signals.

Our studies demonstrate that erection disturbances are very rarely caused by organic factors. Increasingly, it is believed that psychic and mental circumstances are responsible for reducing or preventing erection capabilities. Some of these include:

      • job pressure & stress;
      • tiredness, depression;
      • partnership problems;
      • fear to fail again.

The mind refuses to cooperate with desires and sabotages any intentions and efforts to enjoy activities. The mind leaves a man feeling that he is absolutely powerless and helpless.

The Tarutao™ training program is an easily adaptable program that can be accomplished at your own pace and with or without your partner. Your body does it FREE!

After completing the Tarutao course, you will also find that you are more at ease with your body and thus more in tune with its natural movements - including your erections.

Be confident that within one week you will see results!

Be happy that you are able to maintain an erection longer and enjoy greater control over the ejaculation process!

Be pleased that you are learning to do this the natural way, and are making a sound and worthwhile investment in your future.

minutes, 45 minutes even 60 minutes...

... of keeping an erection without ejaculation? The thoughts and fantasies may be endless; the joys and rewards are yours for the taking ...

"You know, I tried everything! You name it, I tried it - the fancy, multi-colored pills and capsules, that cost me a damn fortune down at my local pharmacy, sexual therapy sessions that only made me feel extremely uncomfortable, even what they call sexual toys that I bought from exclusive, out-of-the-way boutiques and off the Internet. I figured that nothing could help me.

The situation was hopeless! When someone even mentioned having a hard on, all I could do was cross my legs and stick my head in the sand like some bird. I just didn't want to hear about any of it! I was totally desperate until I came across your site. I've completed the training and I must say that I have absolutely no trouble getting it up and staying hard for quite some time. My girlfriend even wants to move back in with me!"

Arthur W., age 56

            • It really works!
            • It's much better than drugs!
            • Everybody can learn it at 17 or even at 77!

It takes 10 minutes a day to train. Success is yours within the first week. Once you know it - you'll never forget - it is a lifelong skill!

No more fear of failing!
Without medication - without operations!


We have been scratching our heads throughout the development of this project since it has appeared incredibly strange to us that nobody else has ever come up with the idea of treating sexual dysfunctions through knowledge. Such a simple, no frills treatment that requires no special apparatus and series of therapeutic sessions. But a trademark lawyer recently stated:

"The pharmacy industry isn't interested in such research and simplicity. They demand and get billions of dollars annually from the production of synthetic and multi-colored pills and pay exorbitant sums in elaborate advertising campaigns that are targeted towards the gullible and unsuspecting consumer." 



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Update - News!

The Tarutao™ publishing and copyrights have been recently acquired by PSP International Health Publishers, the leading educational publisher of medical issues for both, patients and health care professionals.

By January 2017 there will be a new hard copy edition available in US bookstores and at Amazon.com in 12 major languages.
(ISBN: 0-8442-8524-2)